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Home to the sixth largest school district in the nation, school and student success in San Diego is deeply varied. In any given year, students growing up in low-income communities, such as City Heights and the Diamond Neighborhoods, experience vastly different academic outcomes than those growing up in affluent communities, such as Scripps Ranch or Coronado. On average, high school graduation rates hover above 80 percent. However, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, in 2011 students from low-income areas of San Diego were 66 percent less likely to be proficient in math or reading than their more affluent peers, severely limiting opportunities in college and the workforce.
A growing number of examples are proving that when students’ needs are supported and they are held to high expectations, all can succeed. San Diego School of International Studies, the Chula Vista Elementary School District, The Preuss School, and community programs like Reality Changers are some of the places where kids from many backgrounds are getting on the path to college and life success. As a community we feel tremendous urgency to ensure that these examples are no longer the exception, but the rule.


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Teach For America – San Diego is pleased to present our June 2015 – May 2016 Annual Report. Inside you will find celebrations of our successes alongside features of corps members, alumni, and community members. Take a look to see how we continue to defy expectations in our work toward equal education for all! Thank you to our corps members, supporters, partners, donors, and staff that made this year possible!

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