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Home to the sixth largest school district in the nation, San Diego provides a different education to students depending on where they live. Students growing up in low-income communities such as City Heights are less likely than their peers in affluent neighborhoods like Coronado to be proficient in reading and math, severely limiting their opportunities to pursue college or careers in San Diego’s innovation economy.

Confront Inequities 

Teach For America — San Diego is a diverse network of corps members who confront this educational inequity by teaching for two years in under-resourced neighborhoods. Our alumni continue to innovate in education and other mission-oriented careers to transform student lives.

Prove What’s Possible

We teach in schools that prove when all students are held to high expectations, all can succeed. Our partners in traditional district, public charter and independent study schools help kids from many backgrounds start on a pathway to life success. You can help us ensure that these examples are no longer the exception, but the rule.



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